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Out in the middle of a field!

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Member since April 27, 2008
Last visited April 28, 2016
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The Garlic Cage, Episode I, by Taro for writing , NOM3RCY for programing   May 23, 2013
"Yet another silly, random, and brutally unpolished game. The story is easy enough to follow - as you eventually discover, you are locked..." - See the full review

Test, by Ben Bailey   February 20, 2012
"Apparently, Mr. Bailey has misunderstood the purpose of the IFDB. This is a tiny little three-room game with one trivial get-X-use-X..." - See the full review

You Find Yourself in a Room., by Eli Piilonen   December 21, 2010
"You Find Yourself in a Room is short, simple, tedious at points, and yet oddly compelling. The parser is a bit on the clunky side, but..." - See the full review

Vigilante, by p0wn3d Games   November 11, 2009
"I'd snark, but I'm genuinely too dumbfounded to do anything of the sort. I never thought I'd see a game worse than Cortes's(sic) Creed or..." - See the full review

Flawed Addendum, by Jalbum   September 13, 2009
""The story genre is 'Mystery'." A clue in true David Lynch fashion, this game drops you in the middle of a mysterious corridor adjoining..." - See the full review

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