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Less-linear Twine Games
by Nathaniel - 22 votes for 15 games, last vote on July 26, 2017; created on December 8, 2016

"Twine (or other hypertext) games where your decisions make a significant difference, and the story changes significantly based on them (not just resulting in your death)."

games about cats
by beetlesack99 - 19 votes for 16 games, last vote on March 8, 2017; created on October 22, 2016

"are there any"

IF created as a media tie-in
by Felix Pleșoianu - 21 votes for 14 games, last vote on March 10, 2017; created on October 19, 2016

"Hello, everyone. I'm looking for IF pieces originally created as media tie-ins (i.e. as promotion/extras for a bigger project). The plan is to write an advocacy piece, but only two examples spring to mind: Emily Short's City of Secrets,..."

Dynamic open world IFs
by Natrium729 - 24 votes for 14 games, last vote on July 17, 2017; created on October 3, 2016

"I'm looking for good "open world" IFs, that is, IFs where the player can just wander and explore the world without necessarily following the main plot (think Elder Scrolls). They could take place on a planet, in a city, or even just in a..."

The Best Games of 1st Half of 2016
by Anya Johanna DeNiro - 30 votes for 12 games, last vote on January 19, 2017; created on July 14, 2016

"Sometimes by the end of the year and after the Comp it's hard to keep front-and-center the games that appeared earlier in the year! Here is a place to list what has tickled your fancy so far. One vote per game only please."

Games about mother-child relationships
by verityvirtue - 15 votes for 11 games, last vote on June 28, 2017; created on July 2, 2016

"Games which deal with mother-child relationships, no matter the nature of either party."

Games about strange and wonderful plants
by verityvirtue - 23 votes for 13 games, last vote on June 2, 2017; created on June 26, 2016

"Botany! "

Slice of Life Games
by BlitzWithGuns - 5 votes for 3 games, last vote on September 24, 2016; created on June 22, 2016

"I'm interested in some slice of life games which are able to make you feel nostalgic and warm inside, something like 'Photopia'!"

by Sobol - 13 votes for 11 games, last vote on May 21, 2017; created on June 17, 2016

"Mise-en-abīme is a technique of having a play within a play, a painting within a painting, etc. Let's list those interactive stories where the characters play interactive stories."

Games about Time Travel
by Estrong157 - 21 votes for 15 games, last vote on January 2, 2018; created on June 15, 2016

"more specifically, games with time travel as a gameplay element."

Getting back into IF, best re-introductions to the genre
by Sorrel - 34 votes for 17 games, last vote on July 27, 2017; created on May 29, 2016

"I haven't played any IF for roughly the past 6 years and am excited to get back into it. So, what have I missed? What have been some of your favorite games released since 2010? Alternatively, what games do you think would serve as a good..."

Best German-language games
by MathBrush - 5 votes for 5 games, last vote on December 23, 2017; created on May 13, 2016

"I'm looking for your favorite games that are written in the German language. I've added a few games I've liked."

Games with Books/Bookshelves/Libraries
by Andrew Schultz - 37 votes for 26 games, last vote on August 27, 2017; created on May 13, 2016

"I'm interested in games with lots of books you can read through. Maybe it's just a lot of cool titles and authors. Maybe they're randomly or procedurally generated. Maybe they reference pop culture, or maybe they're the author's own..."

The most underrated game you've authored
by Anya Johanna DeNiro - 16 votes for 16 games, last vote on August 27, 2016; created on May 8, 2016

"Interpret "under-rated" however that means to you. Perhaps it's one that's simply not played very much for whatever reason. Or it's a game you consider flawed but still worth playing, or an early effort that you are fond of."

Great game sequels
by Teaspoon - 26 votes for 20 games, last vote on January 7, 2017; created on April 9, 2016

"Whilst writing a review of "All Alone", Joey Jones's sequel to his game "If I Wasn't Shy", I became curious - how many examples of sequels are there in IF? Preferably good ones."

School of Chaos Creepypasta's
by StrawberryPie1 - 6 votes for 5 games, last vote on May 8, 2016; created on April 1, 2016

"I'm looking for realistic gaming stories that include creepypasta"

Looking for a good Western.
by Bishopofbasic - 18 votes for 12 games, last vote on January 16, 2017; created on March 23, 2016

"Howdy everyone, I'm on the hunt for a good western text adventure or IF depending on how you call it. Something, that's quite fun to play. The year of release doesn't matter to me. Just looking for some great games to sink my teeth into...."

Games about travel
by penguincascadia - 33 votes for 21 games, last vote on February 16, 2017; created on February 19, 2016

"This list is for games either about travel or with travel as a major part of the plot or background. Stuff like being able to choose where you go from a relatively wide range of destinations, road trips, exploring a city or region as a..."

Games with a great city setting
by penguincascadia - 36 votes for 14 games, last vote on August 28, 2017; created on February 19, 2016

"I'm looking for games that attempt (with at least some success) to portray a large city setting that the player can explore and interact with to at least some depth. Games like Gotomomi, City of Secrets, and A Mind Forever Voyaging are..."

For Your Consideration - XYZZY-eligible games of 2015
by Brendan Patrick Hennessy - 35 votes for 32 games, last vote on April 17, 2016; created on February 12, 2016

"This is for suggesting games released in 2015 which you think might be worth considering for Best Game in the XYZZY awards. This is not a zeroth-round nomination. The category will still be text-entry, and games not mentioned here will..."
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