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Games that include, or mention cats - 15 items   August 15, 2018
A list by Plover
Me, DavidW (David Welbourn) and Callista were talking in the Adventurer's Lounge on ifMUD about games that feature cats in them. This...

Children’s games - 3 items   February 4, 2018
A list by Plover
A list of games that I think are great for kids.

Big, non-linear adventure games with score system - 29 items   July 1, 2015
A list by MathBrush
These are classic-style games, where you have to collect a large variety of objects while exploring a cave or building. My favorite way...

Games with a strong PC - 5 items   November 24, 2007
A list by Tiny Clanger
In some games you mustn't just act, but act in character. In most games, Captain Kirk won't be allowed to shoot Mr Spock, and obviously...

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