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Noteworthy Games Which Can't Be Played on the Web

Recommendations by Walter Sandsquish

Because TADS 2 is still missing a TADS Web UI or Glk server or a JavaScript 'terp.

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jcompton, July 1, 2020 - Reply
It's now (relatively) easy to set up and host a Javascript deployment of DOSBox on free or low-cost hosting services. Someone could do that and set up a straightforward batch file front-end menu to use the DOS interpreter for most (all?) of these games.
Walter Sandsquish, July 1, 2020 (updated July 2, 2020) - Reply
I suspect someone could also use the Glk port of TADS 2 with RemGlk as a server and GlkOte as a client on a Web page, but I wouldn't know how to set up something like this.
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