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My new walkthroughs for June 2020

Recommendations by David Welbourn (Kitchener, Ontario)

On Friday June 26, 2020, I published new walkthroughs for the games and stories listed below! (The walkthroughs for Bullhockey! and Under the Bed were published in May, but I'm adding them to this list because I didn't make a list in May for just two games.) Some of these were paid for by my wonderful patrons at Patreon. Please consider supporting me to make even more new walkthroughs for works of interactive fiction at patreon.com/dswxyz.

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1. Zeppelin Adventure
by Robin Johnson
Average member rating: (8 ratings)

David Welbourn says:

You were piloting a one-person tea-zeppelin to Olympus City on Mars, when a flock of pterodactyls unexpectedly attack and you're forced into an orange swirly thing in the sky! BOOM! You're now in some other planet's sky, your engine is ruptured, and your ship is plummeting! If you survive the fall, it looks like you're going to have an adventure whether you want one or not.

2. The Obscene Quest of Dr. Aardvarkbarf, by Gary Roggin (1997)
Average member rating: (5 ratings)
David Welbourn says:

The story so far: You were a undergraduate in Temporal Physics until a dalliance involving a stolen time machine and cheap champagne got you expelled. Now you work as an assistant to Dr. Bignose, chair of the Temporal Physics Department. Although today's Saturday, he called you at the ungodly hour of noon to do a teeny-weeny favor: come onto campus and deliver an envelope to Dr. Aardvarkbarf. He's sure it won't take too long.

3. The Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang, by Neil deMause (1997)
Average member rating: (13 ratings)
David Welbourn says:

In this game about under-powered superheroes, you play as Improv, leader of the Frenetic Five. You use common objects in surprisingly useful ways. Bob, your contact at Supertemps, hires your team for a new job: defeat the melodramatic supervillains Sturm und Drang who have holed up in the abandoned flange mill at the waterfront.

4. Escape From the Mechanical Bathhouse
by Nathaniel Spence
Average member rating: (1 rating)

David Welbourn says:

In this small whimsy of a game, you play as a man who, after a very rough day at work, is now dreaming he's in a bathhouse for mechanical people. Explore this facility of clockwork, keys, and oil. If you're very good at examining absolutely everything, you may not only be able to find a way out of here, but also find a way to relax.

5. Meeting Robb Sherwin
by Jizaboz
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

David Welbourn says:

In this lightweight on-the-rails story, you play as a guy traveling to Denver, Colorado to attend the wedding of Robb Sherwin, a friend you know online but have yet to actually meet in person. Another friend, Jack "Jonathan" Flack, will also be there, and you're looking forward to seeing him again too.

6. Secret of the Starry Depths
by Felix Pleşoianu

David Welbourn says:

In this short game, you play as a wannabe cave explorer. You've heard there's a treasure to be found in a nearby cave system. It seems like an easy enough challenge, so you decide to give it a go.

7. ToK, by Sacra (2010)
David Welbourn says:

In this tiny buggy game, you play as someone in the entrance hall of a venue, but because the wallpaper is so bright and golden, all you can currently see is a clumsily-built wooden box.

8. Bullhockey!
by B F Lindsay
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

David Welbourn says:

In this game, you play as a guy recently dumped by his girlfriend Natalie. In order to recover your sanity, you must find all of your business clothes that she's uncharacteristically scattered out and about town.

9. Under the Bed, by Dan Doyle III (2012)
Average member rating: (8 ratings)
David Welbourn says:

In this small game, you play as a young kid who's been afraid of the monster under your bed for seven years. But now your baby brother Danny and his crib have been moved into your room, and he's now the monster's new target. Tonight, you plan to kill the monster.

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