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Oppositely Opal

by Buster Hudson profile


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- Spike, April 9, 2019

- elias67, March 12, 2019

- Stian, January 21, 2019

- yaronra, July 16, 2018

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Couldn't figure out the ending! But still a delight., June 14, 2018
This game was so cute and fun to play, but I was unable to complete the game, even with hints and walkthrough.

(Spoiler - click to show) In order to finish the potion, you have to stir the pot. The hints suggest that you must use the broomstick, but I couldn't find a way to complete this action. (STIR was not a recognized verb, and you are not able to PUT the broomstick in the cauldron or potion. I tried casting many spells on the broomstick, but couldn't figure it out! The one walkthrough for the game skips this step.

Despite not being able to complete it, I still really enjoyed the game and the adorable story / puzzles. It seems other reviewers didn't share my same troubles, so I'm likely missing something here!

- Metz77 (Massachusetts, USA), May 8, 2018

- piehole, February 15, 2018

- archerqueen08, February 12, 2018

- eme, January 25, 2018

- nosferatu, January 24, 2018

- hoopla, December 14, 2017

- mapped, December 4, 2017

- Denk, November 29, 2017

- Bobsson, November 22, 2017

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
A fun game with a cute sense of humour, September 2, 2017
This is a fun, relatively short game with a great sense of humour and a lovely writing style. The puzzles aren't too tricky (although I occasionally felt that I'd come up with a valid solution that simply didn't work), and the in-game hint system is great at nudging you in the right direction without spoiling too much. The game embraces its light-hearted quirkiness, resulting in puzzles that are a joy to solve. The story is slightly more poignant than I'd expected, which was a nice surprise.

- Laney Berry, August 20, 2017

- Wanderlust, July 29, 2017

Perfect!, May 6, 2017

A delightful one-roomer, charming and funny. Bonus points for the purrrrrfectly ingenious hint delivery system.

- Sorrel, May 20, 2016

- Khalisar (Italy), May 2, 2016

- StijnIF, April 30, 2016

- Joey Jones (UK), April 30, 2016

1 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Nice :), April 30, 2016
This is a really good game!

- Sobol (Russia), March 14, 2016

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
A valley-girl one-room witch puzzle with interesting puzzle system, February 3, 2016
In this game, you play a witch who has been confined to a single room during a potion competition. You must brew a potion to win, however, you suffer a major disadvantage, because there is something wrong with your magic.

I was hesitant about this game at first, because I found the language annoying (imagine the writing by Anna from Frozen: "I am SO going to catch her!"). Also, the first few puzzles were almost trivial.

However, I realized as time went on that the writing produced a consistent and interesting worldview (as the backstory unfolded), and that the first puzzles were just an easy tutorial. The game got progressively more difficult, until I needed 3 hints to get through puzzles.

The hints are very mild, provided entirely by your cat's actions.

There's a few red herrings in this game, and a bit of 'guess the author's brain', but by the time I finished, I realized that I genuinely enjoyed this game.

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