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by Brian Moriarty


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- Jonathan Blask (Milwaukee, WI, USA), April 4, 2011

- JohnW (Brno, Czech Republic), March 16, 2011

- Walter Sandsquish, February 2, 2011

- NoiselessPenguin (London, UK), January 27, 2011

1 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Not really Introductory without wishes, December 23, 2010
I read that you could complete this game without using any wishes. Sure its possible, but this is the type of game where one is put into unwinnable situations time and time again, so be sure and save multiple and many times, because everything has to be done in a particular order.

I guess I am a bit miffed that I had to use one wish because (Spoiler - click to show)I screwed up by starting last night on my ipad laying in bed and not fully exploring the city therefore never found the gold coin so could not buy movie ticket

I did enjoy the story overall, and if one uses wishes this game becomes very easy.

Edit: I revised my star rating to 4 because upon reflection, it does deserve it.

- Wade Clarke (Sydney, Australia), December 8, 2010

- Hulk Handsome (Carmen Sandiago), November 23, 2010

- Alder (San Francisco), August 15, 2010

- Muskie, August 11, 2010

- tekket (Česká Lípa, Czech Republic), June 15, 2010

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Easy?, June 10, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)
Perhaps this was total brain-fart on my part, but annoying is the word I would use, rather than easy.

This is one of those timed games (I supposed most infocom games were timed- either by lantern light or hunger or whatever), which is annoying enough. Then there's the first puzzle.

I'm a big fan of puzzle games, and I'd like to think I am somewhat good at them. Maybe I saw the introductory nature and took too much for granted, but even the in-game hints failed to get me past that damn dog. It wasn't until I saw the map that came with the game (which you don't get when you play online) that I saw how much there was to explore after the dog, and was able to decipher how to get past it. It doesn't help that the game kind of implies that you shouldn't be going into the area you need to go into in order to solve the first puzzle.

In true infocom passion, feelies were used and required. I love feelies, but I hate when they're required to solve puzzles, such as requiring you to look up the letter you're delivering to someone on paper to see what it says, because it's relevant. Back in the day that was what they used as copy protection. I guess I prever the sierra copy protection, where they ask you a question from the manual right up front, then let you continue with the damn game.

That aside, perhaps the game is better once you get into it. Unfortunately, that was something I couldn't do, which suprised me with how much I loved the Zork and Enchanter series, which this appeared initialy like it would be similar to.

- o0pyromancer0o, April 23, 2010

- lavonardo, April 2, 2010

- four1475 (Manhattan, KS), December 29, 2009

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), December 3, 2009

- Cuxxu (Albany, NY), August 26, 2009

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
Good introductory game, August 3, 2009
by SharkFighter (Golden, CO)
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I first played this game in the 1980s... 20 years later, it still holds its charm. This is an excellent introductory game for those new to IF, or a few hours of pleasant diversion for more experienced players. It's a whimsical story that will appeal to almost anyone. Still one of my favorites, with no puzzles that require non-intuitive solutions. If you missed this one, don't be put off by its introductory difficulty... spend an hour or two enjoying a game with puzzles that make you smile...

- Robot Marvin, July 30, 2009

- John D, March 14, 2009

- qwrrty (Carlisle, Massachusetts), February 10, 2009

- albtraum, February 8, 2009

- ArtrexDenthur (Texas), November 27, 2008

- Linnau (Tel-Aviv, Israel), October 31, 2008

- Nathan (Utah), October 25, 2008

- burtcolk, September 3, 2008

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