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36 Questions

by Dietrich Squinkifer (Squinky) profile


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Last chat, July 12, 2015
I like fun quizzes. Personal questions. Self knowledge. Meeting someone new.

Writing games like Does Canned Rice Dream of a Napkin Heap? are ok.

I would like to talk to somebody who listens. Bookmarks.

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<blank>, July 12, 2015 - Reply
I'm afraid your general style for reviews is really not very helpful at all, and it seems at odds with your ratings. You said you liked four things which are in this game and you wished that two other things were, and equate that to a one-star rating? Clearly there's something else going on other than straight maths that cause you to not recommend this game.

Your reviews would be a lot more helpful if you were to explain those reasons. As it is, your reviews read more like a note to the author. They are that too, of course, but primarily they are meant to be read by people who haven't played the game yet - or who have and want to know what other players thought about it.
bluevelvetwings, July 12, 2015 - Reply
I wasn't sure whether or not to say this, considering I have no idea if this person is ESL or what, but thank you for finally pointing this fact out to them :P
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