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by Filamena Young

Autobiographical Fiction

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- magicnumber, January 13, 2017

- dream, January 4, 2016

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a 2-star is born, January 3, 2016
by namekuseijin (anywhere but home)
This is a "game" about birthing a child, or many children, perhaps twins, perhaps lots of curbs. I'll never know, because this anti-cesarean piece of propaganda employs such generic prose that you're never too sure of anything - as far as I know, this could be about a transzombie bringing new baby transzombies into an apocalyptic future world. I'm fond of stories with well-delineated characters where you get to be somebody else rather than filling all the generic blanks lazy authors leave to you. This is supposedly autobiographical, but when it says you are at work, or sword playing or whatever, it's not really.

As for interaction, most of it consisting clicking "So..." and reading the next paragraph. There are a few choices, sure, but they seem to be irrelevant and lead into the same next plot point in an essentially linear narrative.

but, hey, if it's really autobiographical, be sure to lend a few pennies to the author's patreon. Baby needs are expensive.

- Simon Deimel (Germany), May 23, 2015

- timsamoff (Southern California), May 1, 2015

- BlitzWithGuns, December 12, 2014

- Danielle (The Wild West), December 12, 2014

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