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Mind blowingly epic, December 8, 2020
This is not a spoiler, it takes place very early in the game. But you will be given a very important set of choices, and those are
And what you choose here determines which of many entirely different games you get to play, because Endmaster's works have real branching that few other plots that call themselves "interactive" can hope to even approach.

This choice also determines whether you get invited to make sweet tender and compassionate love to your dominant dark elven mistress. Like I said, very important. You'll be swept up into a grand narrative either way with 13 major epilogues of your legacy in shaping the Empire, if you survive. It all reads a lot like a fanfic, maybe a little like the ones I used to write about my sister's soccer coach that time we wiped out all those shadow cultists with the help of some orcs.

Because the game is tagged with Villain protagonist and Grimdark on the site the link takes you to, I was not surprised at all to find that I played a villain protagonist in a grimdark fantasy setting, and I can't imagine what sort of player ever would be. (The WH40k inspiration is also very obvious even for someone like me who knows nothing of the lore, so again I can't imagine anyone thinking they were going into this to NOT server their Emperor to the best of their ability, or the sort of activities that implies for a warrior trained to do this from birth.)

Yes this is also one of many CYS games AI Dungeon was trained on, AI Dungeon being a bot that tells incoherent "stories" for people who don't want to read or write real ones. But Eternal readers at least know never to trust the svelk.

I didn't find all those endless rapes other readers mentioned, so that was disappointing. Maybe I missed the Eternal Rapist path.

I'm also going to talk about a completely different game here for a moment since that seems to be the thing to do in these reviews. I don't know much about parser IF, so to be fair I looked up what the most popular parser IF game was, and that turned out to be a game called Flexible Survival made with a little program called Inform.


I can see now why IFers sometimes look down at CYOAs, with our simple link clicking we don't have anything approaching the scale and immersion of Inform games. In the most popular parser IF game there is, I was raped by everything imaginable. Animals that were people, animals that were just animals, fantastic beasts of mythology and a "panther-taur" with both sets of equipment (the boy part was described as being the size of a Pringles can! Cool!). I did not play long enough to get good and go out and do my own rapes, but I think it's really cool that IF fans pay the Flexible Survival author thousands of dollars a month to cater to your completely normal fantasies. We don't have anything that fancy on CYS, our authors just have to have jobs.

To get back on track though, I'm going to go back and play more of Eternal now as I still have more paths to discover and suddenly am in a mood to play an epic warrior that goes out and purges inhuman scum.