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Ad Verbum

by Nick Montfort


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Unusual in such a good way, September 8, 2012
by Dida
I had a feeling Ad Verbum would be good when I realized it was all about wordplay. I absolutely adore logical puzzles! So this was right up my street.

The puzzles ticked pretty much all the boxes:
-- they were well-designed and well implemented (the vocabulary of the parser really did impress);
-- they differed from each other keeping the game fresh;
-- they were mostly well-clued, though there WERE some significant exceptions;
-- they started off easy to understand, getting progressively harder, but that was fair;
-- and yes, they were frustrating but in a good way because they were so rewarding once solved. The fact that the wordplay theme doubled as a constant clue certainly helped curb those frustrations.

There were two things I really didn't like: first, I didn't like (Spoiler - click to show)the inclusion of Pig Latin because this assumes that the player is familiar with it; second has to be (Spoiler - click to show)that pesky robodog puzzle which had NO apparent connection to wordplay which I thought was pretty unfair. The supposed explanation in the Hints section didn't explain it either.

All in all though, I really commend the author for making this and for doing it so well. It loses a star for the two issues I noted above but even with that factored in, Ad Verbum was brilliant fun!