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Balanced Breakfast

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- Revolution666, June 9, 2020

Buy items to make a balanced breakfast with limited money, July 7, 2019

by simuloid (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
I played the browser-based version, which had a few formatting problems (text overlapping other text on some screens). The layout of the game is good, and the feedback from making an incorrect move is pretty good to guide you in making correct moves.

I did not win the game, nor did I get to a screen that told me I lost, so I just sort of made selections until I got tired of it (that took me maybe 5 minutes -- I have no patience for such things)

A lot of care went into getting data into this game, there are a lot of choices, and I think the author's intention is to raise awareness of how hard it is to afford a balanced breakfast. If that's the case, then they kind of succeeded. Once I went to the checkout, I found it hard to easily substitute items. Also, the authors and I disagree on what "balanced" means. If there were indicators in the game that showed money remaining and what nutrients were missing to guide shopping choices, this would be a 4-star game. If the formatting issues were then fixed, it would be 5 stars because there would then be nothing to complain about.

(Spoiler - click to show)I think that Cheerios, 2% milk, and Vegetable Juice make a balanced breakfast, but the game insisted that I buy some kind of bread and some kind of spread as well. I reject that premise!

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