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Wom-Industrial Revolution

by TK, Megan, Sky


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At first, I thought this was serious., July 17, 2014
by Hanon Ondricek (United States)
I thought this was yet another Twine simulation of the affronts experienced at the hands of men that are quite popular currently. Then I hit prose like this:

The massive industrial building pumps smog into the air at a breakneck pace. You can physically feel the disapproving, accusatory frowns of 21st Century environmentalists looming over you and your future workplace. You hear the sobs of orphans and puppies coming from throughout the area.

The prose is actually quite funny, and I enjoyed it a lot more once I realized it was a parody.

There are actually footnotes, and references, and art included to illustrate this poor pregnant protagonist with rotting teeth and a lagabout husband.

This would have gotten a 3-star, but the game crashed in the middle when I tried to get a job in the factory.

“Are you here to inquire about a job?”


This opens a new browser window with a neocities site missing content. I'm just hoping this wasn't meta-humor showing the futility of factory work, but both the "Yes" and "No" options lead nowhere.

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