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You Were Made For Loneliness

by Tsukareta

Science Fiction

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You are a robot filled with other people's memories., July 3, 2014
by E.K.
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You Were Made for Loneliness is a rather poignant sci-fi tale. Like most twine works, it is a hyperlink story with minimal true interactivity. There is only really one choice that makes any difference to the story, but there is an interesting interlude in the form of hyperlink poetry, which works very well. The lack of choice certainly fits with the primary story arc and the nature of your character, but it is unsatisfying from a game perspective: provided the reader does not mind this, they will be rewarded.

The story is presented as one overarching narrative that branches off into vignettes of memories. It is, perhaps, a trifle overlong for the story it tells, possibly a consequence of multiple authors each contributing sections. And it is difficult to care about every perspective, every character, but for the most part they are all well-written and have a consistent air of melancholy. Trying to determine what connections there are, what repetitions in voice, or where they are simply glimpses into separate worlds solely connected by love and futility is also fairly compelling.

Overall, recommended for fans of twine, and those who don't mind an emphasis on the fiction over the interactive.