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Hadean Lands

by Andrew Plotkin profile


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A very long, complex alchemy game. Polished, and set in a fantasy world, June 13, 2016
by MathBrush
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This game combines an intricate alchemy system with technology aboard a sort of magical spacecraft.

Something has gone horribly wrong on your magical ship, leading to major disruptions in time and space.

You collect what may be hundreds of items in this game, perform dozens of rituals, and visit quite a few locations. In this sense, it ranks with other ultra big games like Mulldoon Legacy or Spellbreaker. However, this game has an advantage in that it simplifies things for you. Any ritual, once performed, can be done again with a single command. There are database type commands that allow you to recall all rooms, all items, all rituals, etc.

The setting is barren and mysterious, with the outside world leading to a variety of mysterious lands.

I couldn't put this game down. Very well done.

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Doug Orleans, June 13, 2016 - Reply
What do you mean by "ultrasonic games"?
MathBrush, June 13, 2016 - Reply
Sorry, autocorrect.
Doug Orleans, June 13, 2016 - Reply
Ah, heh, I thought it was maybe some jargon I hadn't encountered before...
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