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The King and the Crown

by Wes Lesley profile


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- ifMUD_Olly (Montana, USA), April 21, 2017

- The Xenographer, August 12, 2016

- Doug Orleans (Somerville, MA, USA), May 19, 2016

A two-puzzle game with plenty of Easter eggs and hidden things, February 3, 2016

by MathBrush
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This short IFcomp 2015 game is, I think, the author's first game, though they are planning on future games. You play a king who has to face the day and his people, and needs to find his King and crown.

This game is notable in that the hidden content massively outnumbers the actual puzzles. The game can be beaten in less than 10 turns. However, the ending is very different, depending on your actions. There are magic words, background stories to find in the scenery, and a hidden part of a novel, as well as a ton of customized error messages and such.

Overall, I would like to see the author make a longer game with similar attention to detail. It would be difficult, but having that much hidden stuff, coupled with more puzzles and a longer plot arc, would make for a great and memorable game.

- ifwizz (Berlin, Germany), November 28, 2015

- dream, November 16, 2015

- Karl Ove Hufthammer (Bergen, Norway), November 9, 2015

- Simon Deimel (Germany), November 3, 2015

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), October 31, 2015

- Pegbiter (Malmö, Sweden), October 24, 2015

- tekket (Česká Lípa, Czech Republic), October 10, 2015

- Khalisar (Italy), October 4, 2015

- Sobol (Russia), October 3, 2015

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