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Risorgimento Represso

by Michael J. Coyne


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Enjoyable puzzler, April 15, 2018
by Denk
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In this parser game, you play the role of a student, who is by accident sucked into another world of magic where you become a wizard's apprentice. The wizard quickly gets in trouble and you have to help him out.

The writing is full of humor and there are many fine puzzles, though a few of them were a bit unfair to my liking. Luckily there are built-in hints so you can get through the game with some help. I doubt many will solve the game completely without hints. The implementation is very good though.

I prefer the sequel Illuminismo Iniziato over this one, since I regard the puzzles as better in the sequel. Still this was an entertaining game with a good story. I can certainly recommend this to anyone who can accept the need to consult the hints once in a while.

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Giant Infocom-style wizard game with chemistry and 65 'AMUSING' items at the end, February 3, 2016
This is a very large game that you could spend a long time playing. It is slightly shorter than Curses!, and about half as long as Muldoon Legacy.

You play a college student who is immediately sucked into another world, where a renegade befuddled wizard is asking for your help.

The game has a tower that gets bigger and bigger and more complicated as you discover a huge number of chemical ingredients. Then you realize you have only seen less than half of the game. The game is so big, there are 65 AMUSING options at the end.

It has copious hints, and great world details. But it was too hard for me; I just went through the walkthrough. You could play it for a long, long time without hints and still have fun.

If you liked Mulldoon Legacy, you will like this.

Featured on Radio K #4, October 21, 2015
by Adam Cadre (Albany, California)
Alex Hoffer and I discuss Risorgimento Represso at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dat2GbRdL8c#t=25s

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A personal favorite of the New Era, February 27, 2008
'Risorgimento Represso' placed second behind 'Slouching Towards Bedlam' in the 2003 IF Comp, and, if you ask me, Mr. Coyne deserved the top spot.

You start this game in a boring college classroom. Then, you discover an interdimensional vortex under the seats. Why is it there? Because it is.

The lack of finesse in this opening is almost comical. What seems at first like bad writing instead ends up being a signal that this is an "old school" game. You go through the vortex for the same reason you break into the white house in 'Zork' -- because it's your gateway to the quest that awaits. How else were you going to get there?

With this opening, 'Risorgimento Represso' proudly proclaims that it is a classic text adventure, through and through. If you don't like those, you can't say you weren't warned. If you do like them, you're in for a treat.

This game emulates the archetypal Infocom aesthetic: a blend of witty writing, solid puzzles, and fun (if stereotypical) NPCs. It eschews the modern "cruelty vs. kindness" debate and reminds you why the save and restore commands were implemented in the first place.

What most impressed me about this game was the way that it managed to retain its own voice while being so obviously inspired by the best of what came before. Sure, it has magic. It has monsters. It has heroes and villains. But it also has great flair for memorable moments -- like your grudge match with a very determined bird and your introduction to tyromancy. If the fantasy adventure genre is a choir, 'Risorgimento Represso' clearly adds its own notes instead of simply following along with the tune.

My congratulations to Mr. Coyne for introducing us to a compelling new universe. I understand he's working on a sequel, and I can't wait to play it.

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