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16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds

by Abigail Corfman


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A complex and well-clued twine game about killing vampires, May 9, 2017
This game is by the author of Open Sorcery, one of the best Twine games.

In this game, you play a side character in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer-type world. You need to kill a vampire!

The game is heavily location-and-inventory based, similar to the other high-rated IFComp 2016 games Cactus Blue Motel and the Shoe Dept.

There are a lot of clever tricks, like testing you on how well you know classic texts, useful items hid among unuseful items.

The cluing is excellent; any one ending will give you hints on the other 15, and options that you should have thought of but didn't are greyed out.

It does have an unnecessarily large amount of profanity, though.

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Funny and Interesting , February 22, 2017
I don't usually like Twine games, but I liked this game. Partly for the humour- the tone of voice the PC is quirky and funny, and it's interesting to observe the interactions between the PC's and the NPC'S. Another reason I really liked this game is because of the replayability factor- there's a lot of different paths you can try out and it's interesting to see the different results. The puzzles are interesting but not unfair - most of them are fairly easy to figure out, and if you've beaten the game once you can see hints as to how to achieve the other endings. Overall it took me about 2 hours to play through all of the ends.

If you're interested in playing a quirky vampire satire with lots of opportunity to explore different choices and see the affect on the game's environment and the characters, try this game.

Fun light puzzle game, November 7, 2016
by streever (America)
While a few of the implementations were a little foggy, this is an incredibly satisfying and enjoyable piece with fun writing, laugh-out-loud scenes, and a great deal of variety.

I enjoyed finding ways to kill the vampire--and occasionally get killed--and while a few of the solutions were a little obtuse, it always became clear what I should have done without any real head scratching.

Overall a rewarding and enjoyable piece which holds up through several playthroughs.

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Witty, full of personality, and a lot of fun, November 5, 2016
by TLeather (London, UK)
This is a light-hearted puzzle game with multiple possible solutions (as you might have guessed from the title, there are 16 ways to win). Although itís written in Twine, it has an inventory system and item/environmental puzzles more typical of a parser-based game, proving that this kind of puzzling can work extremely well in Twine.

The gameís greatest asset is its writing. Itís genuinely funny: itís light-hearted, sometimes wry, and full of witty asides from the protagonist. Said protagonist is supremely likeable, and far more well-rounded than I would have expected in such a light-hearted game. Itís a real achievement to convey so much personality in so short a piece.

Perhaps the best way to describe the game is ďconcise but generousĒ, which goes for the design as well: thereís a small number of locations, but a large number of possibilities, which keeps you on track when looking for new ways to win. A certain amount of trial and error is needed to achieve some of the endings, but generally the game is well clued, especially because all of the possible endings are listed in an achievements-style menu seen at the end of each playthrough (which tells you what the ending is, leaving you to work out how to make it happen).

Each playthrough is relatively short (about 5 - 15 minutes), but I certainly played it far more than 16 times to achieve all of the endings. Youíre allowed to skip some of the lengthier or more repetitive segments after youíve completed them once already (a very welcome feature!) but thereís still a fair amount of repetition when replaying, and the lack of a save or undo feature means a small mistake can see you having to abandon a whole playthrough and start again.

An odd quirk of the gameís choice system is that options that you canít take yet (because you donít have the requisite items) are greyed out, rather than hidden completely. This means that the game gives away half its solutions almost immediately. This surprised me at first, but as soon as it clicked that the challenge is not just to win the game once, but to win it in as many ways as possible, the visible choices no longer seemed like spoilers. However, there is still a slight problem with this system: it encourages winning by accident, which can feel hollow. Thereís one ending in particular that is very easy to achieve without meaning to: (Spoiler - click to show)on my first playthrough, I won the game by accident by plugging in the UV air sanitiser on a whim, not having any idea that it would kill the vampire.

Thatís a relatively small complaint in what is otherwise a great game. Itís not without flaws, but the game is witty, well written, and most importantly, a lot of fun.

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amusing short vignette on Buffy the vampire slayer, October 6, 2016
by namekuseijin (anywhere but home)
So it seems Buffy can't take a short break from vampire-slaying even when ordering some burger. Her trained senses and keen reflexes know all too well when there's danger around. And thus, in the limited confines of a famous fast-food chain we have to deal with these bloodsuckers as best as we can without our usual tools of trade.

This was fine enough and gives you enough ways to get things right and wrong too. Fun game, finely crafted and polished.

Some have argued about that vampires are too cunning to 1) trying to hit on a McDonald's employee and 2) getting slayed so quickly by an underpowered slayer, but frankly 1) he may just be too thirsty (and plus they were alone at night until player enters) and 2) he may not be quite such old and cunning vampire. Buffy was able to slay plenty of them with the brains of a 90's cheerleader...

anyway, good game, specially great since it's a cyoa demanding more player agency than usual...

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