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One Eye Open

by Caelyn Sandel (as Colin Sandel) profile and Carolyn VanEseltine profile


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- thecanvasrose, May 5, 2019

- E.K., December 8, 2018

- HarryKile, December 4, 2018

- Helena Vernon, February 19, 2018

- karlnp (Vancouver, BC), August 22, 2017

- E. W. B., February 23, 2016

Huge horror game with tons of gore, February 3, 2016

by MathBrush
Related reviews: 2-10 hours
One eye open was an IFDomp game much longer than two hours. In it, you play someone being tested for psychics powers.

Without giving away too much, this is a search-the-lab game similar to Babel, but with gruesome gore in the vein of the SCP foundation (like SCP-610, for instance). The horror has also been compared to the Poltergeist.

Somehow Vespers and Varicella disturbed me more than this game. In a way, the horror are not as scary because of the way that they are described, but they provide a coherent atmosphere. There are many endings, many Easter eggs.

There was no profanity, no sexual material. Not recommended for most people, due to the gore. I probably won't play it again because of it.

- <blank>, June 30, 2015

- Thrax, March 11, 2015

- bluevelvetwings, August 25, 2014

- M. Tea, August 19, 2014

- DJ (Olalla, Washington), May 9, 2013

- Stier, March 27, 2013

- ptkw, February 28, 2013

- Sig (Olalla, WA, US), January 20, 2013

- Andrew Schultz (Chicago), May 14, 2012

- Meredith (California), November 30, 2011

- Hannes, November 12, 2011

- Jizaboz (U.S.A.), June 16, 2011

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Console horror videogame in IF form, May 29, 2011
by Janos Honkonen (Helsinki, Finland)
One Eye Open left me a bit torn on some issues - on the other hand it was a good and atmospheric game in the "deserted lab, biological horrors, piecing together the back story" genre of horror, and the game was skillfully written. Then again, I feel like I've done this a dozen times in console and computer FPS games during the last few years: going through labs full of biological monstrosities and looking for voice lo... ahem, I mean pieces of paper. The "concentrate on" gameplay was interesting, though, and a good way to build the back story.

In the end I played to the first ending, and then tinkered a bit to find some others but gave up. One reason for this was the feeling of having seen the genre too many times, others were some annoying disambiguation problems. If I mention the file cabinets and desks, I think people get what I mean.

This review might sound a bit too negative, since I did enjoy the first playthrough. For someone with a different gaming background this could be a four star game, easily.

- RandomExile, May 19, 2011

- Scott Hammack (Tallahassee, Florida), April 25, 2011

- JohnW (Brno, Czech Republic), March 16, 2011

- Danielle (The Wild West), March 3, 2011

- Shigosei, March 3, 2011

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