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The Primrose Path

by Nolan Bonvouloir

Science Fiction

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Excellent short-to-mid length time travel game with rebellious PC, February 3, 2016
This game came in second in the 2006 IfComp, and was nominated for best game in the XYZZY awards.

I didn't play it for a while, because it seemed like it would be a LONG game, but it actually was shockingly short. Shorter than Photopia, for instance.

You play a middle-aged woman whose neighbor and on/off love interest is shot by his mother. You have to teleport, time travel, and explore to discover a way to fix things,

The protagonist, near he end, is conscious of the player, and so some endings are best for her, some for you, some for neither or both.

It's a fun game. Most people need hints (I used one hint in the middle, and one at the end). I recommend this game, especially due to its length.