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The Minimalist Game 2

by NOM3RCY profile

Slice of life

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Pointless, November 25, 2010
by AmberShards (The Gothic South)
After reading the intro, I really have to wonder if the author has some sort of self-hate issues going on. Why release a game that shows no evidence of purpose or plot, and has no reason for existence? Is this the only way that he can garner attention, by creating worthless games and then plaguing us all with the source code?

The writing style is vague and distinctively careless. Here's an example (and no, this is not atypical): "You are here. You can see That Car there." Behold the masterful use of Scary Caps, as if the car was supremely important. But it, like everything -- literally -- in this game, has no detail, no response to EXAMINE, no reason for existence.

Nothing is ever explained. Why do you die in six turns? Why can you not drive a car, but only mount it? What does it mean to mount a car in the first place? I can only think that the author wrote this game in five minutes, probably while taking a dump. There's certainly zero evidence of beta-testing.

You can win the game; you can lose the game. However, none of the endings have any emotional impact as they are just the default responses. So in the end, you play a game that brings no sense of achievement, no pleasure in winning, no sorrow in losing, a pointless game that exists for no reason.

In a single word, why?

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NOM3RCY, November 25, 2010 - Reply
Okay utilitarian.
AmberShards, November 27, 2010 - Reply
*laughs* If you try to serve up turds as dinner, people are going to call you on it.
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