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Back in the fold and loving it., August 30, 2016
First text adventure I've played for several years. The medium seems to have come a long way since I last played. Finally getting round to writing up some reviews of the few games I've played over last couple of weeks.

Anchorhead - I had heard good things but was really impressed by the level of detail and immersive experience of it all. The puzzles are tight and nicely integrated. I had a couple of verb guessing moments when I had to go on line - I was on the right track but wasn't quite there.

Occasionally I felt I was wandering around looking for something to do - but, then again, you could probably attribute that to the my text adventuring rustiness from so many years away.

I do like gruesome Lovecraftian imagery and Anchorhead didn't disappoint.

Star ratings are hard and comparative. I think four. Especially given the next two games I played.

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Danielle, August 30, 2016 - Reply
Just wait 'til you play COUNTERFEIT MONKEY! XD Welcome back!
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