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One of the best text adventures of all time. Fun even if you use a walkthrough, April 5, 2015
by MathBrush
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Anchorhead can completely draw you into its world. The writing and atmosphere are classic Lovecraftian horror, beginning as merely dismal and developing slowly into madness. Early scenes take on far different meanings on a second playthrough.

That said, this is a very hard game. I'm not sure how anyone could solve the (Spoiler - click to show)telescope lens puzzle on their own.

However, the depth of the game and the quality of the writing is such that it is still enjoyable even if you have to resort to hints from time to time. Many of the best moments are also the easiest puzzles.

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chairbender, November 30, 2015 - Reply
I don't know, playing through a game and using a walkthrough really hurts the immersion for me. I always feel like I"m missing out on a core aspect of the game's experience. I think that a game that requires this sort of approach isn't worthy of five stars.

The game world certainly is fleshed out, with the geneaologies of the families and all the documents and stuff like that, but as far as being a story, it's only a decent Lovecraftian horror storror. If you want to read Lovecraftiatn horror, there's lots of books by H. P. Lovecraft and there's even works by other authors set in the same universe. I think reading a book would be a more enjoyable experience than experiencing the story of this game by mechanically stepping through a guide.
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