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Anchorhead - a great game but a pain in the butt, December 11, 2010
by pcb2x
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This is a game that does get one involved. Puzzles are in general easy to medium hard and the writing is engrossing. But the end left me greatly annoyed. Apparently I was supposed to find something halfway through the game (I finally broke down and read the solution to find out what I had missed). But in the beginning I looked and it wasn't there and near the end I looked again and it wasn't there. Apparently only if you looked at a particular time did the required object show up. So I fought my way through to the end only to be completely stopped.
This is a long game and I'll damned if I am going to go back and repeat half the steps again. So I never finished and that's a shame.

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bluevelvetwings, October 14, 2012 - Reply
I did the same thing. Twice. But it was such an addictive game that I played through it all three times just to make sure we were safe at the end.
Markoff23, December 11, 2010 - Reply
90-95% through this game I realized I had missed (or rather used up) a certain item... game over.
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