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by Alexey Pajitnov

Non-IF game/Joke

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Timers and Keystrokes, something interesting for the Glk app developer, March 26, 2017
Alexey Pajitnov, et al., did a great job gifting the future app developers who need something to test the often unforgiving world of Glk's single timer. What better way to make sure your interpreter application isn't sending two keystrokes when it should only be sending one?

It is tiny binary code once compiled and public domain - can be put in as an Easter Egg in your own Inform 6 story. Why all the negative reviews? If people want to improve it - the licensing and source code is there... or is it? There is one lingering mystery in this puzzle story about tremendous chunks of stone falling toward you.. The download binary says "Release 4", but the source code (freefall.inf) is only Release 2?