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by Mike Verdu, Michael Lindner, and Glen Dahlgren

Episode 1 of the Gateway series
Science Fiction / Space Exploration / Literary

(based on 33 ratings)
2 member reviews

About the Story

In the early twenty-second century, adventurous citizens of Earth can travel to a place called "Gateway": a long-abandoned alien space station, now rediscovered by humans and turned into a jumping-off point for risky but potentially lucrative interstellar voyages.

You are such an adventurer, and have just arrived on Gateway. You are in your new quarters, and have nothing on you but a pair of coveralls. You have been assigned a proctor, who will show you around and get you settled in. In just a few hours, your first ship handling class will begin.

Game Details

Language: English (en)
Current Version: Unknown
License: Commercial (Out of Print)
Development System: Custom
Forgiveness Rating: Polite
IFID: MZ-2E4BC99BFAEC202A385837398429D0A9
TUID: oh79xwaslykbphw6

Followed by sequel Gateway 2: Homeworld, by Mike Verdu and Glen Dahlgren

Editorial Reviews

Adventure Classic Gaming

Mixing text and graphics is, of course, not a new idea in gaming design since its inception, but computer hardware has also evolved a lot since the earlier attempts. Gateway demonstrates very well such an evolution. The pictures are all well drawn, and the text parser is as good as it comes. If you have played any game from Infocom before, you should feel instantly at home. There are even occasional MIDI tunes to enhance the atmosphere. [...] Akin to the classic A Mind Forever Voyaging, the game comes with a wealth of information in the form of manuals, bulletin boards, and trivia games. While a lot of these extras are of little use and the information contained within is mostly obvious, they nevertheless do add a lot to the overall atmosphere and enjoyment to the game.
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You wouldn't believe how well done these worlds are. Imagine a planet where molecular acid takes the place of water, and the spear-carrying humanoid which bathes in this acid. Try to imagine one with carnivorous anemones which clear in terror when a giant spider approaches. Try also one where jellyfish-like creatures inside a pond beam dreams to placate a primitive proto-human. I hope I haven't said too much! Every puzzle you encounter on these worlds, on Gateway, and throughout the game, are logical and self-contained. There are very few restore puzzles, and there are VERY few chances to put the game into an unsolvable state -- most of which are in the opening game.
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In conclusion, Frederik Pohl's GATEWAY will undoubtedly appeal, first and foremost, to text adventurers, particularly those who are lovers of science fiction. With the embellishments of high quality graphics, animation, music and sound effects - all necessary these days to attract players and boost sales - Legend Entertainment prove that the text genre is not yet dead and they continue to fly the flag once carried so proudly by Infocom.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
Still awesome, July 15, 2008
Gateway is awesome in the literal sense of the word. Few games evoke the sense of awe at the mystic majesty of the cosmos as well as this adaptation of Frederick Pohl's novel. The space station you start out on feels like a living, functioning world. Little do you realize that all the mini-games and diversions that you can partake of onboard are actually sneakily teaching you the puzzle-solving mechanics for the second part of the game, where you are warped all over the galaxy to complete various missions revealing, piece-by-piece, the secrets of the Heechee. It's a real "role-playing" experience, as it totally avoids taking you out of the world with nuisances like unfair puzzles, instant deaths, etc. And the ending is suitably cosmic and open-ended to leave you thirsty for more.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
The full package, April 24, 2020
by Henck (Mozambique)
Gateway is a breath of fresh air after so many games filled with sorcerers and trolls, taking place as it does in an interesting science fiction environment. Based on the work of Frederik Pohl of the same name (1977) - the reading of which is not required - it has a rich background, making the story and the room descriptions that much more interesting.

Like other Legend games (Spellcasting 101, Eric the Unready), Gateway has static graphics that accompany the text. Sometimes, the graphics show (larger) objects than can be manipulated and are then removed from the image. There are also occasionally unobtrusive animation, like flashing lights. Every turn you take advances the game by five minutes, allowing the story to present time-based events: a certain actor appears in a certain place only around midnight, for example.

Gateway was released in 1992. As such, if offers much more text than adventure games released a few years earlier, but still suffers from a terrible puzzle or two (there is a maze). Other puzzles are more interesting, and they can all be understood after you've solved them.

If you enjoyed Gateway...

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