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The Tiny House

by Dan Doyle III profile


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- MKrone (Harsleben), May 1, 2011

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Fun, yes -- but uncreative., November 3, 2010
I think that this is a very fun game, perhaps, but the story and play-style is a cliche. My games are criticized for being "typical" of this site -- short and pointless -- but I think there may be too many "typical" of the genre games here.

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An Alright Adventure, September 15, 2010
I wanted more. I liked some of the language, but some basic commands seemed to be missing. Also, some short cuts would have been nice, so that it recognized the full extent of what I wanted to do (a bit more of an expert system).

I also feel like the beginning was a bit lack luster, and it didn't drag me in enough. I mean, couldn't they have gone to a park or something? Showing me that something was amiss would have been good.

From the Author

I welcome feedback on the puzzles as well, and can provide any hint information via email dan.doyleiii@gmail.com

- Ghalev (Northeastern PA, United States), June 2, 2010

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The Tiny House Review, April 5, 2010
To begin with, I haven't played many IF games and when it comes to reviewing this is my first. I had a different view of this game because I was one of the tester players and it was my job to find the things that make the game more difficult then intended. The first time I had taken many notes about some of the things that needed to be changed or at least altered/made more clear. After those changes were made I found that my focus went from trying to find the issues to actual enjoyment of the game.

I found the premise interesting and intriguing. The game play was very comfortable and natural in the language. As mentioned in the summary of the game there is a way to make the game unwinnable and I fell right into that path so needless to say that was a frustrating moment of defeat yet a teachable moment.

The interchanging of the clothing made the game interesting in the middle. I enjoyed the different responses the characters had to the clothing. I would like to have seen more of a use for that throughout the entire store rather than just the middle.

Overall I enjoyed the game. It was exciting to see what happened to the baby and husband and the way it was displayed/written made it that way.

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