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Suzy's Strange Saga

by Endmaster


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Suzy's Strange Saga: The Most Ambitious Crossover since Infinity War, September 9, 2018
Endmaster is well, a master at storytelling and crafting interesting and unique characters, along with building amazing worlds. And it's for that reason that I wouldn't suggest this story to someone who hasn't read a single one of his stories.

don't get me wrong, I love this CYOA, but reading it as your introduction is sort of like watching Avengers: Infinity War as your first Marvel movie for lack of a better analogy. Because if you've read all of the other stories that take place in this world (Including Eternal) you'd understand and appreciate this story's 16 epilogues much more then if you just picked it up. Read one of his other epics like Rogues, Necromancer, Death Song, Ground Zero or Eternal as introductions instead. (Although I'd recommend reading the CYOA called Innkeeper before Rogues and Necromancer before Death song, just so that the stories are more powerful as a whole.

Do keep in mind that none of End's stories are for the feint of heart or the children, (Except for Imagination, I guess) but if you didn't read his stories you would be really missing out.

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Mizal, September 9, 2018 - Reply
A lot of Endmaster's stories are loosely based in the same setting or make reference to each other, but never in a way that the others are required reading or that any story becomes unenjoyable without the other. Necromancer and Death Song are probably the most directly connected and even in that case, it's fine to read Death Song first just like it's fine to read Rogues without Innkeeper. I'd not want people put off by thinking they had to read every story by an author that prolific just to get to the one that interests them most.
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