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Jacks or Better to Murder, Aces to Win

by J. D. Berry


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An atmospheric game about assasination, religious hierarchy, and pomp, April 8, 2016
This game paints a unique world, where religious hierarchies are structured by the alphabet, and assassination is a good career move.

You are an A, right at the top of the line, but everyone is gunning for you. In this mid length, relatively easy game, you have to dodge multiple assassination attempts while thinking on your feet.

Wonderful for fans of atmosphere, setting, and world-building.

- Thrax, March 22, 2015

- hoopla, February 16, 2015

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), November 8, 2013

- DJ (Olalla, Washington), May 23, 2013

Should be great, but has many flaws
In fact, the game cries out for a sequel. Using this short scenario as a way of imparting background information is a great way to introduce a world and a character which could be developed further. I'd like to see a game with a similar tone which isn't so linear, and with a greater scope for politicking. The church isn't actually fleshed out that well - it feels more like a surface sketch - but its hard to tell whether thats because of the game's length (or lack thereof) or because the author was actually writing it off the top of his head. The pseudo-science aspects of the randomly generated church dogma lead me to feel its the latter, but the world, sketchy though it is, is engaging enough that I'm sure the author could do a game with much more depth there if he wished.
-- Joe Mason

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>VERBOSE -- Paul O'Brian's Interactive Fiction Page

Jacks is another fairly non-interactive entry into this year's competition, but through technical innovation, fresh milieu, and shrewd design, it partly makes up for what it lacks in gameplay.

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- Nathanial, May 27, 2011

- Walter Sandsquish, February 2, 2011

- schifter (Louisville, KY), November 3, 2009

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Way too short !, June 14, 2009
The story told in the game is quite interesting and original ; unfortunately, the game is way too short. You have two or three puzzles to solve, and that's all. The descriptions are also wrong sometimes - typically, they describe an object you have taken ten turns ago -, and there's a lot of cutscenes (I mean, compared to the length of the game). Too bad, because the story could have led to a much more developed game.

- Audiart (Davis, CA), January 8, 2009

- Emily Short, October 27, 2007

Baf's Guide

An interesting effort, though it's so short that it feels more like an introduction to a game than a game in its own right. You're a high-ranking authority in a nameless religion, scheming for more power and avoiding plots to bump you off. It's not very interactive--the game without warning periodically launches into what amount to long cut-scenes, in which your character does lots of things that you can't control--but the story is nicely put together. The opening scene is hilarious, moreover--it features a sermon made up of randomly generated banalities--and that in itself makes this worth downloading.

-- Duncan Stevens

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