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This Is A Real Thing That Happened

by Carolyn VanEseltine profile

Slice of life

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- Danielle (The Wild West), September 19, 2018

A moral lesson, experiment, or thoughtpiece as an Inform game, September 19, 2018

by MathBrush
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I found this game to be touching. It's an online-only Inform game that asks you to make a certain moral choice.

It has a unique sort of interactivity that is only available in an online game. Due to the specific response I got, I'm not sure if this kind of interactivity is still operational.

It is short, and deals with the nature of story vs. game (among other things).

- Lanternpaw, August 30, 2015

- Jeremy Freese (Evanston, IL), July 6, 2015

- Caelyn Sandel (Massachusetts, USA), May 24, 2015

- BlitzWithGuns, February 17, 2015

- namekuseijin (anywhere but home), February 16, 2015

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Short, but enjoyable and clever, February 16, 2015
When I first fired this up I wasn't sure what to make of it. It seemed to be just telling a non-interactive story. However, the game's smarter than that and it's worth the short playthrough for the clever (I thought) twist at the end.

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