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by Ian Waddell

Slice of life

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A game about family and war, with several flashbacks, June 5, 2017
Blink is an odd game with good concepts; you play and old man talking to his grandson about war, havi g several flashbacks to your past. There is brief strong language.

The game has several good points, with a pretty good conversation system, some nice uses of different viewpoints on the same locations, etc.

But the locations don't seem fleshed out, synonyms aren't all the way there, it's short, and it just seems unfinished in a way.

- Joshua Houk, October 18, 2014


Other people may find this game preachy. I did not. Others may find it too short; I did not. For what it was, it was precisely the right length, and filling it out further would have detracted from it.
-- Carolyn Magruder

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>VERBOSE -- Paul O'Brian's Interactive Fiction Page

[T]here are the seeds of an excellent game in Blink. If it really had offered multiple paths, it could have been a compelling presentation of difficult choices, a la Tapestry. Even if it had remained on rails but its story and characters had been better fleshed out, it might have made a pretty moving character study. In its current state, though it's nicely implemented and it hangs together okay, it feels falsely advertised, and there's just not enough meat on its bones.

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- Sam Kabo Ashwell (Seattle), April 16, 2012

- Grey (Italy), December 25, 2009

- tfbk, January 10, 2008

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A good effort, October 31, 2007
by Nusco (Bologna, Italy)
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A short, nearly puzzleless, anti-war familiar drama. Very competent use of the medium and an interesting story. Too rhetorical and deliberate to be genuinely moving, but it gets close. It deserves to be played multiple times.

- Quintin Stone (NC), October 23, 2007

Baf's Guide

Blink clearly has been conceived as an antiwar piece, but the overall effect is pretty weak. The reasons for that are the paper-thin implementation, but mostly the fact the author seems to know only roughly what he wants to say. Although the game has almost no puzzles, there's at least one spot to get you stuck.

-- Valentine Kopteltsev

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