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by Kateri


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A multimedia Twine game about body identity, February 3, 2016
Krypteia is a richly textured hyperlink game, making extensive use of graphics, text styling, and music.

It's something of an rpg, with two stats (wolf and stealth) and a variety of items and battles that affect the stats. However, the system is very simple, so you don't have to grind and battles are finished in one click.

The two stats represent two ways of dealing with your feelings, most likely about transgenderism. Wolf stats make you fierce, and you wear stilettos. Shadow let's you hide from the world.

Overall, a well done game, if a bit heavy-handed at times. It has a very annoying habit of putting stealth related text as black on black text.

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namekuseijin, January 5, 2016 - Reply
wow, a multimedia twine game about gender identity... so novel and tolerant...

come on! that title covers pretty much 90% of all twine titles...
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