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Kasi doesn't like vegetables

by Kristoffer Zetterberg


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- dream, March 30, 2016

A very short lecture, February 4, 2014

by Simon Deimel (Germany)
This is not really a game, but an electronic book. There is no real interactivity, each of the short paragraphs presents a drawing of the scene and only one option, so choosing it is like flipping a page in a book. The player, or in this case reader, cannot make decisions which change the progress of the story line. There is not a possibility to win or lose -- the ending is predetermined.

Regarding the fact that there is not even the illusion of interactivity, I would give a rating of two stars, but the drawings have heart, I like them; there can be a moral interpreted into the story; it is short and the colours of the background are friendly; so I want to add one star.

I recommend to take a look. It is a very short lecture and there is not much time wasted if the concept is not your cup of tea.

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