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Foo Foo

by Buster Hudson profile


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Sharp-witted noir under a fluffy covering, March 30, 2018
by verityvirtue (London)
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If you like Jasper Ffordeís Jack Sprat series, a novel series giving a noir spin to nursery rhymes, youíll probably enjoy this. All the field mice have been leaving town; someoneís been bopping heads - and itís up to you, Fairy Detective, to find out why.

Hudsonís writing is extremely readable, and while the characters may be talking fluffy animals, there is sharpness underneath. The forces working in the town are the familiar push and pull of racism and the search for better opportunities, anthropomorphism or not.

Foo Foo is directed enough that I could figure most things out with just a little guidance and some in-game hints. Overall a well-written murder mystery, with an intriguing setting that I enjoyed.

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Nice story, March 10, 2018
by f-a
The set-up, writing, characterization, are funny and serious at the same time and well fleshed out.

I didn't have much fun solving the puzzles, but it was worth playing!

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Delightful and well crafted, March 7, 2018
This was a great pleasure to play.
The narrative was witty and entertaining; the locations were nicely set out with not too much to-ing and fro-ing; the puzzles weren't particularly difficult but none-the-less kept me playing.
The npc characterisations were good and although very limited in interactivity, presented enough variety in the responses not to come across as 'token'.
As a small gripe, the 'easy-exit' presented at the beginning seemed unnecessary - with this available, I would perhaps have preferred a form of score so you would know how you did when exiting.

I definitely recommended this.

A blend of nursery rhymes, puns, and Ryan Veeder references with great NPCs, April 7, 2016
This game was the winner of the Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction. That contest was judged solely by Ryan Veeder, a prominent IF author.

This game takes the nursery rhyme "Little Bunny Foo Foo" and references from Veeder's games and blends them into a truly enjoyable story. The highlight of this story is the dialog, masterfully written and emotionally affecting.

You play the Good Fairy who is trying to help out Foo Foo the rabbit. There's a long street with shops and people to investigate.

It's hard to describe the game more without having you play it. Suffice it to say that this is my favorite game of 2016 (up to mid-April, when I'm rating this).

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