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Coming Out Simulator 2014

by Nicky Case

Slice of life

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A very unique CYOA, November 21, 2014

Well, I have to admit, I never thought CYOA games can be this good. I usually looked down on them, thinking parser commanded games were the best, till I saw this game. The story and interface are great, something that you can't really find in these type of games.

In this game, the main story is about (Spoiler - click to show)a homosexual/bisexual person trying to tell his parents the truth about himself, which is of course, really hard for anyone to do, especially if they are really conservative Asian parents (no racism intended).

The story really touches me, and it shows that not everyone is the same. Some are... unlucky enough to get the Klinefelter syndrome (look it up on the internet!). Conversations are really interesting and really shows what happens in real life if you encounter those situations. (Spoiler - click to show)The mother puking just made me laugh!

Overall, this is a very well made game and is recommended to everyone who loves these slice of life games. I really hope to see more unique and interesting games by the author soon!

- Mona Mae (South Africa), November 21, 2014

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New Genre: "IF My Life", November 20, 2014
by Hanon Ondricek (United States)
This is probably the most fun I've had with a choice-based game. Despite the serious themes, the interactions - as if you are text messaging with the author - are brilliant. There are moving sketch comic illustrations. This game gives me the same warm fuzzy "I'm the author's best friend" sincerity that I got with Deirdra Kiai's I'm Really Sorry About That Thing I Said When I Was Tired and/or Hungry. This is like the IF equivalent of "Draw My Life". I want to be this author's best friend now as well.

A miniature masterpiece, November 20, 2014
by Sobol (Russia)
Half-humorous, half-sad, half-fiction, half-autobiography, half-silly, half-serious, half-trivial, half-profound; hard to categorize, hard to point what exactly makes this little game so good. Sincerity, perhaps.

A must-play for those interested in LGBT themes in IF (and especially for teens considering coming out to their parents), Coming Out Simulator 2014 also touches a lot of other topics: art as a mode of communication, truth and lies... The author's approach to interactivity is quite clever; the characters do remember everything you say, and the game cunningly traps you in more and more awkward situations.

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