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Science Fiction

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Bah, beat me to it!, January 14, 2021
by End Master (The Outer Reaches Of Your Mind)
Ever have a great idea only to find out itís been done already? Well thatís Seedship for me.

I once had a concept to do a CYOA very similar to Seedship, but ended up putting it on the back burner to work on other projects. Honestly not sure if I ever would have gotten around to it given my backlog of story ideas, but when I randomly discovered Seedship one day and played through it multiple times I was like ďWell I guess I can focus on other projects.Ē

Yet at the same time my idea of the story of an AI controlling a space ark would have been very different (Specifically very story driven as far as choice and not stat based), and it isnít like itís a brand new concept entirely. (Indeed I got my idea originally from various movies Iíve watched) So who knows I may return to the concept of a Space Ark CYOA one day.

For now though, we have Seedship. And I really enjoyed this game.

The different random events and planets give it a lot of replay value. While this one is definitely a bit more on the technical side with the stats taking center stage, for me there is enough ongoing ďstoryĒ there to keep me more engaged. (Unlike say Suspended). Plus I also like to see outcomes of less than optimal runs. Seeing the remains of the human race colonize a new planet only to blow it all up and exist in a post apocalyptic hell world is always amusing.

Probably the only disappointment I have is you lose points if you encounter another alien race and you end up genociding or enslaving them. Why? As the AI your main goal was to ensure the survival of the human race, xeno lives donít matter. Iím guessing the game though was encouraging more of a Star Trek society rather than a Warhammer 40K one.

Despite that one glaring issue, itís definitely one Iíll go back to every now and then.