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by AnAwesomeHobbit

Slice of life

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A short Twine game about going to work or not, February 3, 2016
This is a short Twine game with short sentences and a large font. There are three endings, bad, neutral, and good. There are some pretty sad choices you can make, but they are not rewarded.

This game is just a simulation of going to work and coming back, with a complete play resulting in about 20 total lines of text. It's kind of like a Twine version of 9:05 without the more intense parts, and with a condensed text.

There are a few spelling errors (e.g. 'cublicle' instead of 'cubicle').

- magic sympathy, July 13, 2015

- Simon Deimel (Germany), June 30, 2015

- CMG (NYC), June 30, 2015

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Meh., June 30, 2015
Very, very meh. There's just about nothing here - at least it's functional, but that's just about the only compliment I can summon. There are grammar errors, as well as some things that I think were probably spelling errors (does anyone name their child "Bell"?). It doesn't even take a minute to play through to find all the endings (none of which I personally cared for, since they lacked any sort of impact), but the font is so big that you'll have to scroll down to get through a single sentence at times. Very linear, very bland. But I was expecting that going in, given the description.

For people looking to play the game: you can probably skip this one. This review is mostly meant for the author. In the future, author, if you're going to make a game as linear as this one, you'll have to have better prose rather than one-sentence screens.

- BlitzWithGuns, June 30, 2015

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