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Augmented Fourth

by Brian Uri!


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Fun and funny, September 8, 2011
Great game. Most puzzles involve doing things that seem like the right general idea but whose actual effects are not really predictable (ie well hinted wacky game logic). Not my style of puzzle but it really fits the context of this game, and it is done well (it is usually not hard to guess what to do next, with one exception early on for me) so on the whole I like it a lot. I found one relatively small bug which allowed me to temporarily circumvent one puzzle: (Spoiler - click to show) by throwing the jig out the round window in the study (trying to get it through the outer window in an unlikely attempt to get it outside), the character did not "forget" how to play the jig and I didn't need to solve that puzzle to get the copper key. Later, (after saving and restoring maybe?) I did not have the song "memorized" anymore, and so needed to go back and solve the puzzle, and I had to look at a walkthrough since I wasn't entirely sure there was a bug at that point . Other than that, I did not need to refer to a walkthrough, which is testament to a quality game in my book.

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BU, July 15, 2013 - Reply
Thank you for reporting this bug -- it was definitely a doozy! I have released an updated version of the game (in the IF Archive), with the issue corrected. I'm glad you enjoyed your playthrough!
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