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Trap Cave

by Emilian Kowalewski


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An interesting multiple choice system, mostly in German, August 1, 2017
by MathBrush
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This game is written in its own multiple choice system, which allows you to check inventory at any time.

This game is almost entirely in German. I like German games, so it's not so bad, but in my version of windows, the umlauts display poorly, making the German not as easy to read.

Overall, the game is not as well developed as the system is.

- DJ (Olalla, Washington), May 9, 2013

- James Hall (UK), January 8, 2010

Baf's Guide

The author obviously hasn't seen any of the two Russian most popular CYOA IF development systems - URQ or QSP. Otherwise, he'd probably suffer a shock, since they cover practically the same functionality his Node-X system Trap Cave is written in only strives to reach.

The game itself isn't very impressive. It was conceived as a not-too-fancy cave crawl, but fails even as such. Before running into a dead-end I encountered one rather trivial puzzle and an instant death (that couldn't be revoked even though Node-X lets the player undo one turn). The game comes in two versions - the original German one and an English translation, but in the latter one, only the start room and a few menu options are actually translated. Thus, you won't be able to play it at all if you don't understand German.

--Valentine Kopteltsev

- Juhana, November 16, 2009

- perching path (near Philadelphia, PA, US), October 17, 2009

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