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Lime Ergot

by Caleb Wilson (as Rust Blight) profile


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- Doug Orleans (Somerville, MA, USA), March 18, 2015

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—in the ::::: lime ::::: light :::::, January 28, 2015
by J. J. Guest (London, England)
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The most frightening of the Ectocomp 2014 games that I've played so far, Lime Ergot creates a genuinely unsettling atmosphere for all the beauty of its tropical setting. The game's main NPC, the General, doesn't do or say much but she nonetheless exerts a terrifying power.
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An indolent fever dream, January 20, 2015
by CMG (NYC)
In this game you never move. You see and remember and hallucinate.

You are standing on a sunbaked wharf and your commanding officer, a wizened general in a wheelchair, orders you to prepare her a cocktail: a green skull. It requires limes. You have no limes. This is the game's premise, and acquiring the limes is its only puzzle.

Because you cannot leave the general's side, all that you may do is "examine" your surroundings, and as your examinations deepen, you peel back diaphanous layer after diaphanous layer until the atmosphere is swimming with lost memories. The scenario is hazy and beautiful, but also wrong, diseased.

Castle of the Red Prince uses this same mechanic, but whereas that game allows the player to move lightning-fast across the landscape by simply "examining" different objects or locations, Lime Ergot internalizes the action by rooting you to a single spot. The sensations that you uncover gather around you like a fog, and experiencing this mood is the game's purpose.

I discovered two endings. Both are easy to find, and both are worth reading. More might be possible.

The game is short, the writing crisp, with subtle eccentricity throughout. On the surface it is as light and refreshing as a breeze, but there is a creeping plague wind underneath. Try it if that sounds promising; move on if you prefer more varied gameplay or puzzle-solving.

- Simon Deimel (Germany), January 13, 2015

- Joshua Houk, November 24, 2014

- NJ (Ontario), November 22, 2014

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), November 21, 2014

- duodave (Indianapolis, Indiana), November 10, 2014

- Emily Short, November 9, 2014

- Marco Innocenti (Florence, Italy), November 9, 2014

- EllaClass, November 9, 2014

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