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by Michael Berlyn


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Infamous, January 13, 2021
by End Master (The Outer Reaches Of Your Mind)
This is one of those Infocom games I didnít play until the Lost Treasures collection came out for the iPad. I remember it sort of catching my eye a couple times with the box, but just never pulled the trigger on it.

I sort of already knew the infamous ending to this one that made more than a few folk rage about, but thatís never stopped me from watching or playing something before. As they say, itís about the journey.

So the journey then, well it reminded me of those simpler text adventures like Revenge of the Moon Goddess or Perils of Darkest Africa, with the exception of the writing and parser being better in every way. Plus in this one thereís absolutely no other NPCs to interact with (Even Perils had pygmies). Just you struggling against survival (water and food needed) and ancient traps.

I know a lot has been made of how youíre actually playing a villain protagonist in this one, but you donít really get that impression necessarily from the game itself. Itís more in the feelies that came with the game (Or digitized versions of the feelies in the case of the Lost Treasures collection) so the ďmorality taleĒ that the game tries to convey at the end doesnít really quite work like it should.

Once again, I think this is a game that could have benefited from having more interactions with NPCs. If the game started off with you having to screw people over, be a bad boss, etc in order to achieve your goals, then had a shorter last stretch after everyone has abandoned you and you have to enter the pyramid alone, I think from a story point of view this would have worked a lot better. Would have been a lot more fun too, to actually BE the bad guy as opposed to just getting told you were in passing.

The game itself is still solid in every other way though.