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by Pippin Barr

Sports / Slice of life

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Intentional boredom simulator--football edition, June 26, 2019
by MathBrush
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This game shows the life of a football kicker. Which is super boring. You are on the sidelines for about 120 turns, and you are called on to kick a few times. In the mean time, no one wants to talk to you and you can't do much.

It's supposed to be that way, but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable. The game is really well polished, though, which makes sense given its constrained play area.

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Andrew Schultz, June 29, 2019 - Reply
As a football fan, I enjoyed it. I liked contrasting it with how commercials and announcers are always loud and trying to be exciting. It also reminded me of games I watched and didn't care about but got sucked into, and not just pro football. And in that respect, it was good for me, because I think it helped me stop that.

Maybe it's just because when I was a kid I would set up a field goal tee and keep trying to kick field goals through imaginary goalposts and I wasn't good at tackling or running. But I know I always wondered what went through a kicker's mind. How do you practice? How much is too much? What is the leap like, from doing nothing to having everyone look at you? Do you really belong with the rest of the team?

Or maybe because I remember being on the bench during rec league soccer a lot. Some of the things the kicker thought and had happen to him were similar to my experiences, and I was able to laugh at stuff, especially if you just sat there on kickoffs and field goals.

This may not be an all time favorite, but I'm glad it's there. I don't know if you've ever read "Bored of the Rings" but the line at the end mentions the years of delicious boredom ahead once Frito solved the quest. The boredom here isn't quite delicious, but it made me laugh.
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