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Credit is Due

by travislucas


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Nice writing, January 19, 2014
by Simon Deimel (Germany)
Checking this I had the impression of reading a short story instead of playing a game, and a second playthrough with different choices just confirmed this impression: the selections did not change much and the story would return to the predetermined course soon. So in the end there is not much interactivity, and not much replay value.
The writing is okay though, despite some typos and inconsistency of the tense (most of the story is written in past tense, but some paragraphs or single sentences are written in present tense without discernable motive). The writer should have proof-read and revised the text thoroughly. Nevertheless I want to acknowledge the content of the story. I suppose it is the authors first work and it is well worth a try in my view.

- Jim Kaplan (Jim Kaplan has a room called the location. The location of Jim Kaplan is variable.), June 24, 2013

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