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by Lars "HerrvonSpeck" Engelmann


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Meditation on time, September 12, 2014
by streever (America)
This is a game of questions without answers; like the Socratic method or a rorschach test, you'll be asking & answering the questions yourself without any real arbitration or feedback.

Eventually, Time does something I found novel and interesting; this was the big reveal, the a-ha moment, and if it had stopped shortly after this I'd rate this 3 or even 4 stars. The problem I had was after being forced to stare at a screen with nothing happening, for an amount of time I had picked, and then being asked to be honest about my patience and my feelings, the game took a weird digression into questions about feelings, reality, and even ghosts.

I thought this second branch detracted from and took away from the real success of the game in making me challenge my own assumptions about myself and my ability to wait/be patient.

I don't know that I recommend this game; I'm not sure that it's entertaining, at least not for a broad audience, but I do think it deserves recognition for it's ability to challenge and subvert the players sense of self.

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HerrvonSpeck, September 19, 2014 - Reply
Thank you for your comment! I think the title of your comment nails it. When I tried to invert Quick Time Events into something that rewards waiting for another project I stumbled upon this weird thing. I was unable to wait a few seconds without picking up my phone or doing something else. "Time" is kind of an exploration for myself which I wrote in a few hours about this feeling I got while I forced myself to wait without doing anything.
streever, September 19, 2014 - Reply
Thank you for making it! I enjoyed it, and you were definitely successful at conveying the sense of frustration/impatience, and also at exposing the universality of it. I definitely see myself as more patient than I probably am, and the ah-ha moment here was great.
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