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Silver & Gold

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., September 30, 2016
A fantasy/thriller story about werewolves. The game has two screens, one side written in classical style and the other side written in a contemporary style. I believe even the font is different to accentuate the difference in time period and prose. I loved this, I'm not a person who reads werewolf stories, but this is actually a fairytale, the prose is vivid and there's a sense of fear as the characters search for this person or are running away from something. Although I will admit that due to the double screen aspect and the fact that I read this a few days ago, I'm a little confused about the plot, but I took this as sort of an epic poem. It really is a beauty.

Pros: beautiful, lurid prose. Fantasy genre.
Cons: Some might not like the double screen aspect.

An intriguing short 2-pane game with simultaneous stories, August 21, 2016
This is a short Twine game that was part of a challenge to make short games based on the theme of 'pairs', and was later submitted to Sub-Q magazine.

The game is split into two sides, one dark and one light. One with a villain, one with a heroine.

The story is brief, and only hints at greater things. There is a great deal of world building, but most things are left unexplained.

A fun, light snack.

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Fantastic concept, tantalizing glimpse., August 20, 2016
Such an awesome idea! Although extremely tantalizingly short.
A story split into two different *simultaneous* & opposing narratives -it works a little better when the two unfold individually at the start than when they synchronize later.

It'll take a couple of playthroughs to absorb all of the interesting story tidbits going on, and with so many ideas it seems almost like a teaser for something bigger. But really shows what can be done with an interesting concept like this.

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Short but sweet fantasy, May 30, 2015
by L2G (Long Beach, CA, US)
Another maddeningly short story by rosencrantz that drew me in and left me wanting more.

I have never seen an IF story like this—two parts to the same story, literally side-by-side, allowing the reader to shift from one side to the other at will as the story progresses.

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Awesome Experience, April 1, 2015
by Demi Game Studios (1150 Ventura Blvd)
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A side from the layout, "Silver and Gold" provided an awesome experience!

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