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American Election

by Greg Buchanan profile

Drama / Political

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- Jacoder23, February 18, 2020

- Laney Berry, October 30, 2019

- Nomad, September 29, 2019

- Marco Innocenti (Florence, Italy), September 21, 2019

- gildedSnail, September 17, 2019

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You will doubt yourself., September 16, 2019
AMERICAN ELECTION bears the Greg Buchanan seal of chilling and atmospheric brilliance, which I have come to expect from all his work. The game's use of choices serves a greater function than simply existing as a piece of interactive fiction; Greg toys with the formula in clever, thoughtful and surprising ways that render this work something that could not exist in any other genre. It is at once a personal tale and a global one, of which we are all familiar. It submerges you in Abigail's thought process, causes you, the reader/player, to suffer the very same conflictions and doubts that make the man on which this work is definitely certainly absolutely not based so very terrifying. It is mature and considered, and remarkable in its sinister execution. A must-play.

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Nuance in a setting where it’s often absent., September 15, 2019
Nuance is often conspicuous in its absence when we analyse politics nowadays. The creators of ‘American Election’ have done a wonderful job of putting the player in uncomfortable situations, providing them difficult choices to make.

Whilst it is often easy to lose sight of context nowadays, ‘American Election’ provides plenty - but it doesn’t let the player off the hook. There are so many harrowing moments here and the pacing of the narrative really helps build the tension, keeping you engrossed and clicking on to the next chapter without any desire to stop. The flow of the actual text is well judged too, not too fast nor too slow.

‘American Election’ carries with it a complexity which belies it’s (relatively) simplistic, yet effective, appearance. One of this year’s must plays.

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Take a pause from our sick world to play a game about our sick world, September 15, 2019
A Very good game about a difficult subject. What really impressed me was how the creator(s) found such a good, balanced angle to the subject at hand (which could be super tiresome done wrong), and instead of purely demonizing bad behaviour, they focused on HOW and WHY these things happen.

I've worked for (powerful, indifferent & toxic) people such as in the game, and questioned my moral, and struggled with the fear and manipulation that made me into a marionette. The way the game went about these scenes, choices & consequences felt very authentic.

Besides these points, I just enjoyed the surface-level storytelling. Great use of audio, fx, pacing, etc. Very professional and very engaging.

Shown this to some friends, everyone's been real impressed.

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Worthy of XYZZY nomination, when the time comes., September 13, 2019
I'm currently a little short on time to write a review at the moment - I'll come back to his later to write one.

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Insidious, uncomfortable, brilliant, September 13, 2019
My first post after playing through this game was, "I just finished American Election by Greg Buchanan. I need a hug, shower, kittens, & bourbon. I'm not sure if this was "too soon" for me to play this game, or just in time. I can say I've never played a game that made me more uncomfortable and I loved it."

In the days since, I've been mulling this game over and over in my mind. I both hated and loved the position and situations that Buchanan puts you into for this game. I only loved them because of how uncomfortable I felt, which made me deeply appreciate the way his masterful writing was bringing me along for the ride. Even though it was more like my car had been hijacked.

At times, the subtly was a bit ... large handed, and might have felt like digs, but they elicited a chuckle from me, lightening the mood when things might have been getting too heavy. Overall, I didn't mind it. It made it clearer and clearer who inspired this piece.

As someone who's about as far as possible from some of the views displayed here, playing this game felt like slowly sliding into a suit made from okra. The slimy kind. Okra is so gross. How do people even eat that? Anyhow, it also provided a really interesting look into the lives of people who think they're on the side of good, and how many things they turn a blind eye to ... until they either drown or can't deal anymore.

The game focuses on the discomfort, fear, and wrongness of current political situations. Putting the player right in the thick of it. Closer, perhaps, than they'd ever want to be.

I think this is a very important game and experience. It won't leave you mentally scarred, but it will make you think. It might wrap you in an okra suit, it might make you feel frustrated, it might make you even more firm in your convictions. I'm very curious how you'll come out on the other side, and what path your choices will take you down.

- yenooi, September 11, 2019

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