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American Election

by Greg Buchanan profile

Drama / Political

Web Site

(based on 11 ratings)
5 member reviews

About the Story

A dark political nightmare game about Abigail Thoreau, a campaign assistant working to elect her candidate.

In this hour-long cyoa game (composed of eleven chapters), you make choices both political and personal as you face the final days of an alternate-universe 2016 and the mistakes of your past, your ex-girlfriend, and your relationship with your father.


WORDPLAY 2019 - Official Selection

Game Details

Language: English (en)
First Publication Date: August 31, 2019
Current Version: 1.3
License: Freeware
Development System: Ink / HTML5
Forgiveness Rating: Merciful
IFID: Unknown
TUID: 6krecx5lhc9m3w7n

Editorial Reviews

Andrew Plotkin
"The story is a stream of failures, inadequacies, wrenched assumptions. Nothing you do is going to work out well. So you're never going to express a whole and satisfying Abigail. I suppose that's the point; the game is life in America over the past five years (or going back twenty or more, if you like). A relentless series of blows. It does this very well. Twists of phrase bite; mirrored images echo. It hurts."
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Rock Paper Shotgun
This was supposed to be a brief news post, but once I got started I had to see it through. This is apt. Abigailís path through this story can take different side streets, but heads in the same general direction. It crosses abuse, heartbreak, death, power, youtube radicalisation, and a lot of introspection. Though it follows the rise of a fictionalised tangerine mega-baby to the seat of American political power, it tells a deeply personal story thatís not really about him at all. And it knows youíre not going into this as blind as Abigail is. [...] There are acres of emotional and social subtext fit into this condensed story, and it hits far too many levels of uncomfortable reality to be taken lightly.
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Game Curator
ďAmerican ElectionĒ might be one of the most important indie games that you can experience this year. Dive into a thought-provoking game with intense dialogues as well as cleverly chosen iconography and background music. In the end, it shows that politics should neverever be left out of video games, as we might learn and think more about our world as we would do without playing them.
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The Indie Game Website
How do you make an interactive fiction where your sole mechanic is choice, that is also in itself a musing on the illusion of choice? Well, Greg Buchanan and a whole host of other creatives (Adam Coburn, Seb Peters, Matt Nichols, Cherie Davidson, Anthony Gambino, Tanya DePass & Gary Kings, to be exact) have managed to tackle just that in an hours worth of gameplay. American Election, playable free at itch.io, is a haunting, emotional and immersive experience for this reason, and you really donít want to miss it.
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The most striking moments of the plot are those that seem smaller and insignificant in the face of the enormity of the historical moment we live. What does Abigail say to Truman before one of his speeches? What do you face on your ex-girlfriend's Facebook page? How did he behave when a stranger appeared in the middle of the road in his youth? What do you say to your father before leaving home? The protagonist, her vision of the world and her own life takes some of the best moments of this experience. Also notable are the scenarios of greatest tension, where we will feel in your skin thanks to the power of prose and small tricks such as the tremble in phrases or the change of music, effects that are effectively used to add drama with few resources.
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Imperica Magazine
A game which takes you through modern American politics in a series of creepingly-awful chapters which slowly and meticulously explore and unpack the vile, violent and angry nature of modern political discourse in the US. This is, honestly, masterful - a wonderful use of a lightly-interactive medium to tell all sorts of stories about the world we live in. It describes itself as ďA dark political nightmare game about Abigail Thoreau, a campaign assistant working to elect her candidateĒ, but, honestly, that doesnít give you any idea of quite how dark and brilliantly written this is. Play it - itís vastly more interesting than anything else youíre likely to do in the office today.
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Jefferson Toal
At the heart of American Election is a self-perpetuating cycle of trauma. Whether or not the choices it gives you tangibly affect the outcome is beside the point- each choice makes you complicit in its unfolding and the inevitableness of it all creates a sense of helplessness entirely in keeping with the story. If a generation from now someone asks me what it was like watching the rise of Trumpís America, I might just show them this.
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Most Helpful Member Reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Nuance in a setting where itís often absent., September 15, 2019
Nuance is often conspicuous in its absence when we analyse politics nowadays. The creators of ĎAmerican Electioní have done a wonderful job of putting the player in uncomfortable situations, providing them difficult choices to make.

Whilst it is often easy to lose sight of context nowadays, ĎAmerican Electioní provides plenty - but it doesnít let the player off the hook. There are so many harrowing moments here and the pacing of the narrative really helps build the tension, keeping you engrossed and clicking on to the next chapter without any desire to stop. The flow of the actual text is well judged too, not too fast nor too slow.

ĎAmerican Electioní carries with it a complexity which belies itís (relatively) simplistic, yet effective, appearance. One of this yearís must plays.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Take a pause from our sick world to play a game about our sick world, September 15, 2019
A Very good game about a difficult subject. What really impressed me was how the creator(s) found such a good, balanced angle to the subject at hand (which could be super tiresome done wrong), and instead of purely demonizing bad behaviour, they focused on HOW and WHY these things happen.

I've worked for (powerful, indifferent & toxic) people such as in the game, and questioned my moral, and struggled with the fear and manipulation that made me into a marionette. The way the game went about these scenes, choices & consequences felt very authentic.

Besides these points, I just enjoyed the surface-level storytelling. Great use of audio, fx, pacing, etc. Very professional and very engaging.

Shown this to some friends, everyone's been real impressed.

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Worthy of XYZZY nomination, when the time comes., September 13, 2019
I'm currently a little short on time to write a review at the moment - I'll come back to his later to write one.

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