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by Jason Devlin


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Extremely overrated, December 26, 2009
by Andreas Teufel (Poland)
OK I've decided I don't care whether any of the haters vote no, I give only my honest opinion, and I don't run with the pack (or rather flock)



Name of the Rose all over again? It is impossible to deny the influence (right to the end (or rather one of them)).

Good points

- while this is an Anchorhead-like game in that you have to walk around and see what room description has changed, in contrast to the aforementioned game it's generally not too hard to advance the plot, I was able to guess most things the game expected me to do

- puzzles are solveable and logical (very big plus)

- style is ok

- technically good

Neutral points

- multiple endings, but I don't have the slightest desire to see them

Bad points

- there is little logic in the plot or characters, e.g. why should you (Spoiler - click to show)pray to a woman! In the end, everything goes to hell, also literally.

- the world never comes alive (big minus point), descriptions are too minimalistic, interactivity is severely limited, rooms generally feel very bare

- little fun stuff (stuff that is not needed to complete the game), I don't think you (Spoiler - click to show)find a single item you don't need to complete the game other than the notes

- syntax isn't really flawless, there are bad responses and I think even some typos

- the game is never actually interesting or gripping, nor deep, it could as well be set on the moon, what were you reviewers playing!!!

best NPC nominee?! Twice?! I cannot jot down how angry that makes me!!!

game of the year?! with every mediocre or bad award-winning game I play the artistical level of interactive fiction seems lower and lower to me

where is the Planescape: Torment of IF?! there MUST be one... I will continue searching.

Vote no. I command you to.

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Thesmegcat , January 20, 2013 - Reply
Actually you don't need to find any food. And you can find a coin you don't need. Also a crow bar. A bale of hay. A rabbit. Dead bodies under gate.
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