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To Hell in a Hamper

by J. J. Guest profile


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I laughed out loud, January 28, 2008
by puzzler (Everett, Washington)
At one point, I actually laughed out loud. Thumbs up for the humorous writing.

I thought it was very odd that the game at first creates an illusion that it is protecting you from making game-spoiling errors (if you try to get rid of certain objects that are important it prevents you, or they come back to you). But in fact, this is not the case. There are certainly a few important objects that the game WILL allow you to get rid of prematurely. I really don't understand the design decision behind this. Either let the player get rid of anything, or stop the player from shooting himself in the foot. This middle ground is actively misleading, dropping my rating by a star.

With that in mind, however, the puzzles are mostly fair (assuming repeated plays or several save/restore cycles). I gave up on the final puzzle and got a hint, because it didn't seem well clued and I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to do. In retrospect, I think I would have gotten it eventually, but more through trial and error than through puzzling out the solution with careful reasoning. Because I didn't like this last puzzle, I dropped my rating by another star.

As a side note, I feel the game is suitable for playing with kids (always a good thing in my book).

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J. J. Guest, March 17, 2010 - Reply
If you can get rid of an object permanently, it means you don't need it. If it's something that's used in a puzzle then there's an alternative way of completing it, otherwise it will come back to you!
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