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An intense surreal/hallucinogenic experience, August 21, 2016
This game by Porpentine features excellent writing and good effects. It contains some strong profanity and features some violence towards transgender individuals from a sympathetic point of view.

You decide to sell part of yourself, a mental part, to make money. The process is disorienting and frightening, and it causes you a variety of mixed emotions.

I felt like the disjointed experiences lasted too long; Porpentine's other longish games tend to have larger 'chunks' of texts at a time, which is easier to handle. Other people may not have an issue with this extended disorientation.

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clickety clickety, February 12, 2014
by namekuseijin (anywhere but home)
Seriously, can Porpentine write real prose for a change rather than submitting players to click away through hundreds of irrelevant small twitter posts depicting an essentialy linear plot? Are readers these days really these obsessive compulsive clickers/touchscreeners? Is it fear of paragraphs and pages of text? clicking to reveal more text doesn't make it *interactive* fiction.

at least this one got a small plot... it still doesn't feel like a game, even a repetitive arcade button-basher with all that nervous clicking...

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Just reminds me of of a maze site, July 8, 2013
by Worm
I always remember really loved sites like absurd.org and hell.com and and really only reviewing this because of the similarity to those types of things.

If I judge it against other maze sites it would be nice to see more visualization, as dynamic as it got was where the text started appearing at different angles.

3 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
Maybe better as something simpler or static?, June 26, 2013
by Jizaboz (U.S.A.)
I gave this game a shot when it appeared in the recent stuff here on IFDB today. I've played maybe 1 Twine game before this one. I'm partial to parser-IF, but some point-and-click games I've played were pretty fun, and all of them are very accessible.

There doesn't seem to be any real point for this one being interactive though. The questions (Spoiler - click to show)only have one correct response. I guessed the first two questions wrong, and it was then obvious why those were the wrong responses. With the routine finished, I end up with (Spoiler - click to show)Do I still have my money left because I didn't spend it on prescription drugs TRUE/FALSE? and that's it.

I believe I get the "point" of this release, as far as what it's trying to get across.. but why try to use a fancy interactive interface for this? There aren't even a lot of words here.

However, I would have given this 1 and 1/2 stars if I could for not having any typo and implementation errors.

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